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Veronica Joy Klepadlo

"Let my mouth be filled with Your praises, And with Your glory all the day." (Psalm 71:8)

This is my personal life verse because, without the Lord Jesus Christ in my life, I would not exist. I would have ended my life when I was trapped in the pit of depression. Jesus met me in my moment of deepest need. He rescued me and lifted me out of the pit. So I must speak His praises because that is what I have been created to do. I am the daughter of a drug addicted father and an alcoholic mother. I lived in a household that produced fear.  It was a life full of losses. My brother died when I was 15, my dad died of a cocaine overdose when I was in my late twenties and my mom passed away from lung cancer after having victory over alcohol, my younger brother and older sister also had early deaths. I share this to bring you hope. There is nothing that has happened in your past that God cannot heal and redeem. I have experienced that His way is the only way to wholeness.

Veronica Joy

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